[EpiData-list] EpiData 3.1. blank line output

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Tue Oct 25 13:31:54 CDT 2011

Dear Nina:

At risk of answering something you actually didn't ask:

You have a questionnaire on paper and in EpiData (*.QES), say with three 

id Identifier __
sex Respondent's sex #
age Respondent's age in years ###

You create a data file from it (*.REC) and may or may not add some 
Checks (*.CHK) to it.  If the CHK file does not require that every field 
must have a value (MUSTENTER), EpiData will still not allow you during 
data entry to enter an entirely empty record, but it will be enough if 
at least one field has a value  So, if you put not constraints on the 
first "line" (I presume that you mean the first field with that), there 
is no problem for EpiData to accept that.  In the specific example 
above, it would of course be a shame because it is the identifier and 
missing that one, there will be trouble to match latter the electronic 
record to your paper record if you would like to complete the record if 
data become available later.

If this is not what you asked for, it might be best to circumvent the 
list, and you send me to TBRieder at tbrieder.org your actual EpiData files 
so that I may see better what it is about.

Best regards,


On 20:59, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Dear Hans,
> thank you so much in advance. Apologies for being so unspecific, I am
> trying to describe the problem properly now. What I meant with "newly
> established table" is a questionnaire form which does not contain data
> yet. When starting with the data entry the problem occured, though it
> was only recognized when viewing the data after entering several
> individual records. The problem is that the very first line contains
> absolutely no data (as far as I can see). In my mind this could not be
> possible with EpiData and now I am trying to find the reason behind
> the phenomenon. I hope this clarifies my situation.
> Thanks a lot in advance, many greetings from Germany,
> Nina

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