[EpiData-list] epidata as relational database for disaster electronic medical record

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Sun Oct 30 23:41:25 CDT 2011

In 2006, our region suffered massive flooding. We even had to evacuate 
one hospital to another. We opened an evacuation shelter in the 
gymnasium at the local university. One section was basically a field 
hospital for the medically needy evacuees. Our patient record-keeping at 
that time was a little week.

We recently suffered another massive flood, several-fold worse than 
2006. 30,000 people, 15% of our county's population,were evacuated. We 
had 1800 people in an evacuation shelter in that same gymnasium. About 
100 were "medical needs" evacuees--oxygen, BiPAP, skilled nursing needs, 
etc. Our record keeping was better this time, but still left something 
to be desired.

I'm brainstorming ideas, both paper and electronic. Does anyone have any 
experience using Epidata as a relational database, so as to serve as a 
simple lightweight electronic medical record during a disaster?


--Chris Ryan, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
SUNY Upstate Medical University, Binghamton, NY
Medical Director, Broome County Health Department

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