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Heemskerk 31/10/2011

Hello dr. Chris Ryan,
 I have quite some experience in making relational databases in EPIDATA 3.1, mainly in the 
field of registering hospital infections. 
 When I try to immagine your needs, you need something that is ready incase of a new flood 
occurring again.
 Do you already have a list of the variables that you want to register ?
How can a person in your country be identified with certainty ? 
In Holland we use a " CIVIL NUMBER "that is unique for the person.

You may send me in a letter the ideas you already have and I will try to help you out, is there 
urgency right now ?

Yours, Louk Meertens MD, pediatrician (pensioner)
Heemskerk  , The Netherlands

email direct:  loukmeertens at hetnet.nl   


> In 2006, our region suffered massive flooding. We even had to evacuate 
> one hospital to another. We opened an evacuation shelter in the 
> gymnasium at the local university. One section was basically a field 
> hospital for the medically needy evacuees. Our patient record-keeping at 
> that time was a little week.
> We recently suffered another massive flood, several-fold worse than 
> 2006. 30,000 people, 15% of our county's population,were evacuated. We 
> had 1800 people in an evacuation shelter in that same gymnasium. About 
> 100 were "medical needs" evacuees--oxygen, BiPAP, skilled nursing needs, 
> etc. Our record keeping was better this time, but still left something 
> to be desired.
> I'm brainstorming ideas, both paper and electronic. Does anyone have any 
> experience using Epidata as a relational database, so as to serve as a 
> simple lightweight electronic medical record during a disaster?
> Thanks.
> --Chris Ryan, MD
> Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
> SUNY Upstate Medical University, Binghamton, NY
> and
> Medical Director, Broome County Health Department
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