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I used the old MS-DOS Epi Info in an intro epi class for several years at Rush Presbyterian in Chicago.  I taught them how to set up an entry program and how to do simple analysis using the software and then gave them the data for an outbreak (an ID in a school involving children from different neighborhoods and different classrooms).  The assignment was to set up the data and then do a person-time-place analysis of the outbreak.  It went very well, and I'm sure Epidata would be much easier these days than using MS-DOS in Windows 15 years ago.  The students mostly did well and often said it gave them a tool to use in their own practice areas.
Richard Herrell, PhD
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Silver Spring, MD

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Greetings from Burlington,

I am a new member of epidata-list, and I am keen to receive advice about
incorporating training in EpiData Entry and Analyst in the MPH Program at
the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the Univ. of Toronto. I teach the
course on Public Health Surveillance in the second term. This will be the
second year that I oversee this course, and I would like to find some better
way to integrate the lectures and the exercises, perhaps through EpiData
training. I suspect that EpiData would be ideal for introducing the
principles and basic skills required for CD outbreak detection and
management. But I think it might also be useful for cluster investigation,
socio-demographic profiles (e.g., recent immigrants in a PHU area) and
monitoring behavioural RF over time.

Keen to hook up with epidata-list members who have some experience offering
training in EpiData at the MPH level. Keen to find useful teaching exercises
that are shareable, too. 

Most grateful for any advice!


Eric J. Holowaty,

Professor, Div. of Epidemiology,

Dalla Lana School of Public Health,

Univ. of Toronto. 

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