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Because of huge identity theft problems, the SSN is rarely used outside of financial or legal transactions where it is legally required.  I refuse to give it to anyone unless there is a legal requirement to do so.  A study relying on SSNs triggers major IRB concerns about confidentiality.  The SSN isn't given at birth, but at some point when a financial relationship is established (e.g., a bank account is opened).  It used to be used as an ID number on drivers licenses and school IDs, but by law it is never used for those purposes any longer.  

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Dear Chris:

Just a brief question here:  "No universal identifying number in the US"?  Doesn't everybody have a social security number given at birth or for people coming after birth to the US, when they pick up work?


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> Hans and Louk, thank you for your interest, and Louk for your generous offer. I may be in touch with you by email directly. Yes, this would be something in preparation for the next flood/other disaster.
> ......
> Louk, there is no universal identifying number in the US.
> --Chris

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