[EpiData-list] Epidata Manager tests

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Tue Nov 8 08:29:07 CST 2011

Bonjour à tous !
I have tested ED manager and entry client. It seems to me that this new version works fine and already looks very "professional".
I only found 2 bugs (I hope this is the right place to report them) :

1/ ranges in DMY date fields :
programming ranges for YMD date fields works fine, but for DMY date fields, the project will refuse to open in ED Entry Client. I only managed to open it after editing the xml file and erasing the lines containing the date range specification ;

2/ crash when trying to edit value labels of boolean fields
Althought it's quite illogical, I tried to edit value labels for a boolean field. This caused an immediate crash

4 questions :
1/ I would like to program conditionnal jumps (in field X : jump to fiels Y if field Z=1). In previous versions, this was possible with AFTER ENTRY in chk files.
2/ It would be very useful to test a data structure directly in ED manager (CTRL-T in previous versions)
3/ In ED Entry client: at the end of a record, if you answer "NO" to "Save Y/N", all of the fields are cleared
4/ I work with sas for advanced analysis. Who do I export from ED ?

Thanks again for this great software!
Pascal THIBON, MD, Epidemiologist
CHU Caen

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