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Thu Dec 8 07:21:13 CST 2011

Google that error message for Windows 7 and you'll see it happens to lots of people with different applications. An interesting post suggests that Roxio (bundled software for burning CDs) is sometimes the culprit. Roxio installs a "watcher" program even if you haven't been using it.

The folder below is correct for temp files in Windows 7 and the folder will exist. (see http://www.pcterritory.net/2010/02/where-are-windows-7-temporary-files.html)

Here's my solution:

Instead of using F7 and F8, delete the commands you do not want and save the rest in a xxxx.pgm file in the same folder as your data. Then at the command line:

run xxxx.pgm

This takes a few extra keystrokes, but it means you are working with files that are stored with your data.

I rarely use the inbuilt editor in Analysis. Instead I use another editor (jEdit, but even Notepad would work as long as files are saved as plain text) to edit .pgm files when I'm trying things out. You can also just copy from the Analysis editor to get a .pgm file started.


On 2011-12-08, Edson wrote:

> Am using Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) and Epidata analysis
> I read the rec files well, and the commands execute well .... but the
> problem comes when i open the Editor. After writing my code in the
> editor and try to run (whether Run selected or Run all), it brings
> this error "Cannot create file
> "C:\Users\Edson\AppData\Local\Temp\TMP9C60.Tmp". The process cannot
> access the file because it is being used by another process",
> When i try again, the error still comes but the TMP***.Tmp file keeps
> changing... However if i keep trying to run (whether Run selected or
> Run all), it final executes and brings my analysis..

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