[EpiData-list] First public relase of EpiData Manager and EpiData EntryClient

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Thu Dec 22 16:30:02 CST 2011

Dear all

Following the development in recent years, choice of a new file format 
to replace chk+rec, a lot of testing and specification we have today 
placed the first version 1.0 of the new software on the public download 
page at Http://www.epidata.dk/download.php

I will not make a lengthy statement at this point, since users who 
followed the development on this list will be rather well informed.

Following installation you should have:
1 The software (manager and entryclient)
2 The sample file
3 Tutorials files (introduction pdf files)

Just after January 1st 2012 we will release a new version of EpiData 
Analysis, which can read the data created with V1 of Manager and v1 
EntryClient, so be a little patient on that aspect.

The XML structure created by version 1 of the software will be 
guaranteed readable from now on. Any future change to the xml will be 
handled by the software. Whereas up to now we have modified the 
structure several times.

The final format allows the XML to conform to export to the standard 
defined by DDI (Http://ddi-alliance.org). More about this later.

EpiData Entry will remain available for download for quite a long time 
still. Much of the functionality has not yet been implemented in the new 
tools, so if you need some of these aspects you may well choose to 
continue to use the old EpiData Entry.

We are quite aware of possible problems in relation to installation etc. 
since the new installation routines will not in reality be tested before 
you as users start to download and experience.

Please do continue to report any problems found or difficulties 

There is definetely a need to develop further documentation, training 
materials etc. , but that will come.

Following well deserved days off during the coming weeks more news will 
follow in the beginning of 2012. We wish all a happy new year and 
express hopes for continued support and fruitful discussions on this list.

Kind regards on behalf of Torsten Christiansen and myself

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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