[EpiData-list] problems in the installation - use of national characters in folder names

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Wed Jan 18 12:46:39 CST 2012

Dear all
We have experienced here in Denmark also some problems if one uses 
national characters in the folder names, e.g. as Claudio showed with:
Unable to criate flie "c:\Documents.......\Configurações 

A fix has been made partly to this and will appear as a new download in 
short time (1-2 weeks)

Apart from that work is now ongoing with new export of data (csv/ascii, 
spss and sas).
For SAS and SPSS this will be the same as until now, where data is 
exported to a csv file, and a command file is created which can then be 
executed in either sas or spss.

If you experience other problems please let us know on this list. In 
particular problems with the installation routines would be very good to 
have reported.

A number of persons have had problems finding the installed sample.epx 
file. More explanation about where to find this will come later. The 
problem seems to be related to how the install routine can find the 
relevant place to put a data folder on the users machine. There are very 
many aspects to this, e.g. operating system, user rights, national 
characters etc.

The other options to come soon (1-2 months) are:
preparation of double entry, and double entry reports,
key unique
encryption of files
printing of data entry forms

Jens Lauritsen

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