[EpiData-list] jumping variables in Manager - autosnap ?

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Fri Jan 20 12:41:41 CST 2012

I tried switching to a larger monitor, where the automatic extension was
not needed. There was no problem until i reached the time where i needed
an extension. My entry form is now complete but i hope that this issue
will be addressed in future releases.
The program is FANTASTIC and so easy to use. I have and will continue to
promote it to my colleagues.


Den 20/01/12 19.11 skrev "epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca"
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>Dear Jens
>I did as you said, but thats a no go to. Now i cannot move variables down
>at all. Their stuck on the limit between normal screen and the new area
>after: automatic extension.
>So still frustrated.
>Maybe a possibility to manual enter the x and y coordinates to a field so
>that it would be possible to manuale 'place' fields where you want them.
>Den 20/01/12 15.35 skrev "epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca"
><epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca>:
>>What you could try is to see whether "Autosnap Fields" is set to on or
>>1. Start Manager
>>2. Go to settings (Edit in the main menu)
>>3. Look in "Visual Design" for autosnap.
>>4. See if you replicate the behaviour described with and without using
>>the autosnap.
>>5. Report experience to the list
>>Jens Lauritsen
>>EpiData Association
>>On 2012-01-20 14:25, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
>>> Dear List
>>> When trying to move variables around in the epidata manager to get a
>>> better epidata entry the variables jump randomly around.
>>> If i want to move them downwards (hold the mouse butten down, and drag
>>> new possion) the variable will 50% of the times move to a 'random'
>>> possision Up or down from where i want to put it.
>>> Using Eipidata v1.0 on Mac OSX.
>>> I have adressed this before, and it got a bit better, but now its
>>> frustrating again.
>>> And while we are at it. A 'grid' as a background in the manager would
>>> helpfull when designing the entery client layout.
>>> Just my two cents.
>>> lars
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