[EpiData-list] Unique key in EpiData Manager for Mac?

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Fri Jan 27 12:45:48 CST 2012

You can import the .rec file with Manager, but you will have to recreate some of the checks after that. And be aware that, as documented on the epidata site, not all functions of the check file are available yet (e.g. no RELATE, limited calculation of new fields). If you have an application that works well with classic EpiData, why not just keep it that way and use the new version for new work? I've had no problem running the old versions on my MAC using Winebottler.


On 2012-01-27, Remco wrote:

> I recently download EpiDataManager and -Client for Mac. I'm now recoding
> all my files in terms of valuelabel settings, checks and, most importantly
> for me now, unique keys. How can I do this? There is no solution
> button-wise and I cannot find a solution coding it into the .epx file

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