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Please provide more info. Is this on one particular pc ? If so try a different one,  Which operating system ? Was data saved on a network drive ?  regards jens lauritsen

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Emne: [EpiData-list] Access violation message
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Work colleagues are entering data into an EpiData database during
interviews with participants in their study. At what seems to be a
random point in the interview, the following error pops up and EpiData
needs to be shutdown.


'Access violation at address 0044BB8C in module 'Epidata.exe.' Read of
address 00000004.'


'access violation at address 7C2F0012. Read of address 7C2F0012.'


The data entered hasn't been and can't be saved. 


I've had a look in the archives and couldn't find anything useful. I'm
hoping someone on the EpiData email list is able to tell me what the
cause is and how to fix it. Alternatively, there may be additional
information you need first. If that's the case, please let me know what.




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