[EpiData-list] New test versions of Manager and EntryClient

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Fri Feb 10 05:17:42 CST 2012

Dear List.

We have released a new test releases of EpiData Manager and EpiData 

Since we released version 1.0 of Manager and EntryClient a number of 
issues have been raised by
users. We have addressed most of these issues and we encourage you to 
download, test and give your
feedback to the list on whether you find the issues resolved or not.

In addition to these bug fixes, we are planning for a new release 
schedule of our programs.
This is because we wish to reflect our development cycle in how we 
release the programs.

What does this mean?
For most parts: not much. But it gives us a possiblity to release 
updates faster and respond
quicker to new reported issues. It also gives those of you who wishes to 
see the latest and
greatest features being developed right now, a chance to test and try 
the programs in an early
alpha stage.

The release of software is devided into three stages (show here in 
reverse development order):
  1) Stable: This is the version we have tested, tried and generally 
consider to be stable for
      for production/read projects.
If a bug is reported finding the cause and fixing it has highest 
priority in the development.
      This will be available for general download on 

  2) Beta: This version is based on the stable version, but with 
reported bugs from the stable
      version fixed. Usually no new features are included.
This will be available for general download on 

  3) Development/Alpha: This version is a direct copy of what is being 
developed at the moment.
       There is NO guarantee this version will be backward compatible 
and could break other
       However, this gives you as a user the oppertunity to try out the 
latest and greates features
       we are developing at the moment. Although this is in general 
considered an unstable release,
       we do still aim for it to be working at all times (and hopefully 
backward compatible.)

Todays release is a Beta release and hence is placed in the testing page 
<http://epidata.dk/testing.php> of our website. If no major
bugs are reported we will release the this beta version as a stable 
release in a short period of time.

Changes from version 1.0 (Stable) to 1.1.1 (Beta):

Manager and EntryClient:
* Fixed bug where non-US path/filenames causes save/load errors on 
Windows OS.
* Fixed bug where config file failed to save on non-US Windows OS.
* Fixed bug where version information in XML file was incorrect (was 0 
should be 1).
* Fixed bug where using jumps with boolean field would cause error on 
load of file.
* Fixed bug where saving data on rare occations could create invalid XML 
syntax in .epx file.

* Fixed two bugs where program could cause access violation when closing 
a project.
* Fixed bug where importing data files could cause crash.
* Fixed bug in importing .rec/chk files, where value part of a 
valuelabel was surrounded by quotes (")
* Added import of floating-point valuelabels from .rec/chk files.

* Auto calculated fields did not mark a record as modified
* Fixed bug in search where clicking "Find" did not find any records.
* Fixed bug where colours chosen in settings were not saved.
* Fixed bug where "recent files" were not case sensitive on Linux and 
Mac OS X.
* Changed default colours for active field.
* Changed search List/Find to not include initial value of 
Repeat/DefaultValue field. (Result is that clicking Ctrl+L on a new 
record gives a complete list of the dataset)

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen.
Jens Lauritsen.

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