[EpiData-list] help with double data entry in EpiData

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Wed Feb 15 15:16:03 CST 2012

This is a question about double data entry in EpiData :

We commonly use EpiData to do double data entry.
We use Tools > Prepare Double Entry Verification and select the field ID
for matching records.

When we open the *_dbl file for data entry, a box usually opens stating
'double data entry verification mode / data compared with *.rec / compared
by Field ID'.

What does it mean when that box does not open ?  Are we simply entering
records into the _dbl file without comparing fields from the *.rec file ?

Recently we have experienced the box opening *and* the box NOT opening when
selecting the same _dbl file for data entry.  How can we know for certain
that all records in the _dbl file have been verified - even when the box
does not open.

Thanks in advance.

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