[EpiData-list] merging of files

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Wed May 2 13:13:34 CDT 2012

Hi there,


I am in the process of merging files in EpiData Analysis. I am looking
for syntax that would allow me to keep all the records in the file not
just the records that are in common in file1 (individual information)
and file2 (visit information). File 2 contains only information of those
that are already included in File1.


For example, file1 has a 100 records and file2 has 10. One person has 5
visits and 5 others have one record.

The merged file ideally includes all records from file1 and file2 (104
records).  I have tried several options and failed as there are
duplicate ID's.  






read "C:\file1.rec"

merge id /file="C: \file2.rec" /table

savedata "C:\file3.rec " /replace


I am looking forward to hear how I can resolve this issue.






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