[EpiData-list] New test (experimental level) releases for EpiData Manager and EntryClient

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Mon Jun 11 09:38:47 CDT 2012

Dear all

Further main features NOT included in the current public release are now 
included in the experimental level test versions and released for user 

Please find these at http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php (at the bottom)
Versions are :  Dated: June 11th 2012

Notice that this is an EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE and should be used ONLY for 
testing with copies of data. For real projects use the public release 

Please work on copies of real data, changes could occur to file formats 
depending on the coming tests and errors happen. If you encrypt the file 
contents you cannot read the file with previous versions of Manager and 

Changes are:

EpiData Manager:
* Export (printing) to SVG file format, (click on tool in tool bar)
       which can be read by e.g. Inkscape (see inkscape.org) of dataforms
* New export formats (CSV, SPSS, SAS)
* View data
* Encryption of project data (headers are still human readable)
* Key unique including testing of status
* Prepare Double Entry and Validate Double Entry functionality
* Reports may now also be output as Text rather than HTML.

* "Escape" key resets field text (to '' )
* Added read of encrypted project files.
* Adapted function of the search form.
* Field notes may now be displayed either in a windows or as a hint next 
to the field

Following user tests, comments and fixing of reported bugs this could be 
expected to be released as the next version software (v1.3).

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen
Jens Lauritsen

EpiData Association.

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