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Sat Jun 16 15:09:13 CDT 2012

You can put the age calculation into "dated". "age" will show up.


On 2012-06-16, at 2:23 PM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> Hello,
> I created  two dates (date of birth of mother (datem), and date delivery
> (dated)). I also created a variable "age".
>> From "age", in the field calculation, I can calculate the age field in the
> results because the variable does not appear (below results, "none" is
> noted). 
> While, if I create another variable "age2, in the calculation, "age" appears
> in the window (and I write age = dated - datem). So in Entry, age is noted
> in variable "age" and not in "age2".... It is quite complicated...
> Why should I create two variables ???? 
> I miss the ease of entry with a  EPIDATA ENTRY 3.1 before with the formula
> (age2=(dated-datem)/365.25.....
> Thank you.
> Kind regards
> Bernard BRANGER, Nantes, France
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