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On 2012-06-16 20:23, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hello,
> I created  two dates (date of birth of mother (datem), and date delivery
> (dated)). I also created a variable "age".
> >From "age", in the field calculation, I can calculate the age field in the
> results because the variable does not appear (below results, "none" is
> noted).
> While, if I create another variable "age2, in the calculation, "age" appears
> in the window (and I write age = dated - datem). So in Entry, age is noted
> in variable "age" and not in "age2".... It is quite complicated...
> Why should I create two variables ????
> I miss the ease of entry with a  EPIDATA ENTRY 3.1 before with the formula
> (age2=(dated-datem)/365.25.....
> Thank you.
> Kind regards
> Bernard BRANGER, Nantes, France

I is not possible to use the current field as a result field also. This 
is because a user
entering data may not notice that the entered data has been changed due 
to a calculation.

This goes agains our philosophy of not altering user data, at least not 
without giving a warning.

Best practice for use of calculations is to think of them as an "After 
Entry" in the old EpiData 3.1,
hence put the calculation in the last field used in the calculation. And 
then make the result
field "No Enter" to avoid overwriting data by accident.

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen.

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