[EpiData-list] require TAB or ENTER key to move to next field, even if entered data fills the previous field

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Thu Jun 28 14:27:52 CDT 2012

As I understand it, during data entry in Epidata 3.1 (on Windows XP), if
X characters are entered into an X-character-long text field, EpiData
will automatically move to the next field. However, if the text entered
is less than X in length, then the TAB or ENTER key must be used to go
to the next field.

Can I set things up to require the ENTER or TAB key always to be pressed
to get to the next field? In other words, I'd like a field to remain in
focus, even if the data completely fills it, until TAB or ENTER is pressed.


Christopher W. Ryan, MD, MS
SUNY Upstate Medical University Clinical Campus at Binghamton
425 Robinson Street, Binghamton, NY  13904

"Once we recognize that we do not err out of laziness, stupidity, or
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unworthy." [Karen Schulz, in Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error]

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