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Ps it is in the right half of the toolbar in manager not left
side. Apologies. Jens l
-oprindelig besk.-
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On 06/30/2012 02:03 PM, epidata-list at wrote:
> I'm starting to work with an existing old (2005) EpiData project. There are rec files. I think this was the standard format this time, right?
> How can I convert them to the current format to use it with the current EpiData-Version?
> I found no import feauter in DataEntry and Manager.

1 start manager
2 create new project
3 point your mouse over the icons - two on the left side of the toolbar 
will either "add structure" or "import" your file.

One problem can be if you work on a linux pc, that the extension of the 
.rec file and the .chk file should be in lower case. that is not .REC 
and .CHK

Following import of data and or structure you have to reallocate your 
value labels to the fields. To avoid that you can export from EpiData 
entry to a stata file and then use that for adding structure or 

It would be a good test for us to see if you can import data and labels 
and then in EntryClient verify that all is imported correctly. (e.g. 
look at first and last record)

Jens Lauritsen
Epidata Association
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