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Sat Jul 28 12:37:43 CDT 2012

Could the reason be that you are working on a network server ? Eg drive h or j' 
check if the drive is available with your file system manager.also if a timed backup file exists. As i remember the default is to create one each 10 minutes unless you turned that off . Anyway 8 hours is quite long - 
Regards jens lauritsen

-oprindelig besk.-
Emne: [EpiData-list] Cannot save my project
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Dato: 28-07-2012 18:57

I am working with Epidata Entry Client (v1.1.1.1). I created a project 
using an imported Stata file and for two days have happily been editing 
and adding data. Of course, each case was saved when moving to another 
one, and the project was saved at intervals after roughly 10 cases had 
been worked on.

Then, after a working session of some 6-8 hours without saving the 
project, the program is suddenly refusing to save the project.  No 
errors are reported when saving cases, but I get this message every time 
I try to save the project:

     Unable to save project to: [path and file name]
     Error message: Unable to create file "[path and file name]"

The path and file name are both correct.  So why am I suddenly 
encountering this inability to save the project with the same name that 
it was created with? I can continue to work on the project, but I can't 
save my work.

Of course, Entry Client does not have a "Save as" function, so trying a 
different name is not an option.

Any suggestions?

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