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How do you exchange the .rec-files? Via a Unix operating system to 
Windows, e.g. via the internet? It may happen that this modifies the 
<cr><lf> (carriage return/line feeds) at the end of the lines.

One solution would be to send/receive files packed in .zip files, that 
way the <cr><lf> characters should be kept as they are. Another 
possibility is using a good text editor (like Ultra Edit) that allows to 
modify the CR/LFs from Unix text file to Windows text files or vice 
versa (i.e. to repair them).

Please let me know whether this was helpful!

Nicole wrote:
 > I cannot open the EpiData rec files from my colleague, the error
 > message "one or more records are corrupted" shows up. My colleague
 > can open the files normally. We are both using EpiData version 3.1.
 > I looked at the files in the notepad, but it seems to me that they
 > look like my own files (which are fine).
 > Can somebody help me? I need my colleague's files to validate
 > duplicate files with my files.

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