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Dear all

Thank you very much for all the suggestions that I received to solve my problem with corrupted data. Finally one solution was successful: my colleague sent me the files as zip-archive instead as normal attachments per email and now I can open them.

Best wishes, Nicole

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Worth a try:

1) Make a copy of both REC files
2) Save a subset of each REC file containing only the data structure (cut off before the first record)
3) Use a proper text editor (surely not NotePad...) that allows comparison of the two files and indicates where a discordance is (if there is any)
4) If there is a discordance, paste the file from 3) that originates from the functional original over the appropriate place in the non-functional one
5) Try to open the "repaired' REC file

1) If the problem is not in the structure, then it must be in an individual record
2) If that should be the case, it gets tedious.  One would start by checking if the record ending exclamation ! is everywhere available

If all fails, send me an email.  As I am "around the corner" (well 
sufficiently in the vicinity), I could pass by at your office and we 
could look at it together.


On 07-Aug-12 13:57, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Dear all
> I cannot open the EpiData rec files from my colleague, the error message
> "one or more records are corrupted" shows up. My colleague can open the
> files normally. We are both using EpiData version 3.1.
> I looked at the files in the notepad, but it seems to me that they look
> like my own files (which are fine).
> Can somebody help me? I need my colleague's files to validate duplicate
> files with my files.
> Thank you very much, best wishes,
> Nicole

Hans L Rieder, MD, MPH
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