[EpiData-list] Epidata version 3.1 - build 22feb2005

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Sun Aug 19 07:17:55 CDT 2012

Dearh Jens,

thank you for your reply.

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca schrieb am Sonntag, 19. August 2012 um 11:52:
> You have to reallocate the "comment legal"/Value labels" to the fields 
> in the epx format and also assign default values again following import 
> of rec files to the epx module (Manager).

Sorry, but I don't understand that. While importing ("add structure") a
rec file into a EpiData Manager Project there is no option like that.
And how do I "assign" default values again. Of course I missunderstand
something. But if there are default values in the old rec files (that I
don't know!) the import function should import them by itself.
What is my job there?

> The old version will not be taken from the homepage, so you may continue
> to download and install that one.

What do you mean with "that one"? The current new version?
Of course I have it. But it doesn't help me with my problem.

> However we will not develop the old versions.

Of course I know that. I don't want to use it produtivly. I just want to
load the rec-files and see how they behave. I haven't created the
rec-files. I am not the author. There is no concret doc about it, so I
have to test the rec-files in there own environment to see how they
behave and what is missing while import to the new epx-format.

> Following conversion of analysis and more features from the
> old software such as "related databases" there would rarely be a need 
> for use of the chk-rec-qes principle, which also has other problems, 
> e.g. that copying rec files without chk files removes all control under 
> entry specified by the user.

Sorry I don't understand what do you mean. What is the "chk-rec-qes
principle"? I need to use it? Why? How?
I never copied rec-files. There are rec-, chk- and qes-files in the same
directory. I only imported ("add structure") the rec file in the
currrent Project Manager. Should the Manager see byitself that there are
qes- and chk-files present in the directory?

So I ask again. How can I get the old version? You should have it
somewhere in your archive. Minimaly you should have the sources in your
versioning system.

Thank you very much
Christian Buhtz

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