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epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca schrieb am Montag, 20. August 2012 um 14:16:
> What you can do is:
> a. use EpiData Analysis
> b. merge the files one by one  based on the common (supposed) id
>       (write "merge" in the command prompt and press f1, which gets you 
> into the help file)
> c. after merging all files, save to a common file (command: savedata).

This is to complex for my users. I think it would be easier if I "merge"
all 7 rec-sheets to one epx-sheet. Do I understand that right?

> d. if you then in the old epidata entry export that file to a stata file
> e. now add the stata file to an epx project and you have retained all 
> value labels.

I am not sure if I understand you right, but I think I don't need this
step. EpiData is only for entering the data and to export it to Stata.
That is all. EpiData will never touch this data again.

My goal is to make the 7 old rec-sheets work much as easy as possible in
the new version.

But to understand the process much better I need the old EpiData from
2005 to look how the rec-files-stuff behave.

> In response to other recent mails I would suggest that if some answers 
> are not immediately understood - ask again, but only after you are sure 
> to have completed the introduction documents for the new Manager and 
> Entry Client, which are installed with the software or you can get them 
> from the download page.

I see your point. I though this converting think is much easier. But I
have to tell my boss that it will cost much more time to bring this
project up to date. ;)
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