[EpiData-list] multi-sheet project

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Mon Aug 20 19:15:15 CDT 2012

It sounds like you only used the relational feature of EpiData to break up a long questionnaire into 7 sections. In that case, you should be fine just adding each of the .rec files (minus the key variables) to a single project.


On 2012-08-20, at 6:54 PM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> This is to complex for my users. I think it would be easier if I "merge"
> all 7 rec-sheets to one epx-sheet. Do I understand that right?
> I am not sure if I understand you right, but I think I don't need this
> step. EpiData is only for entering the data and to export it to Stata.
> That is all. EpiData will never touch this data again.

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