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Mon Aug 27 02:11:35 CDT 2012

I have a “.rec”  Epidata  data set with patients with chronic diseases
(Diabetes and Hypertension). I would like to undertake some analysis to
determine what is happening on the patients at different periods of follow
up. (Month 3, 6, 12........)

i.e. Glucose  levels, BP, BMI.......

Each period I select (M3, M6, M12...)  I give an allowance of + &- 10 days.
(e.g. for M3=90 days from the day of enrollment,  I select between day 80
and day 100). This is because patients did not always respect their
appointment dates.

In the period selected (between day 80 -100) some patients for several
reasons were seen more than once. I would like to select only one visit
date in case of moth 3 follow up that is closest to the 90th day from date
of enrollment .(e.g. a patient had a visit on the 80th day and 95th day, I
want to select the 95th day visit which is closest to day 90).....

How do I do this with Epidata analysis?

NB: My variables are “enrolment date” and “visit date”


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