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Thu Sep 13 01:44:51 CDT 2012

Dear List

Today we have released a new exprimental test-version of EpiData Manager 

The new version is available for download on our testing website: 

Please challenge this test version. The following description is rather 
short, test and see whether you find interface and function intuitive, 
and specific aspects with correct function. .

The main new design feature is:

* Completely rewritten dataform designer
* Moving, selecting and replacing fields on the dataform is easier.
* Select multiple fields, texts and sections.
* Changes to Copy, cut & paste.
  - Paste will happen at current position of mouse pointer.
* Preliminary Undo/Redo support. This is so far limited to dragging and
   sizing of controls.

* Importing data and structures is combined into the same funtionality.
   New export formats (CSV, SPSS, SAS)

* Export (printing) to SVG file format, (click on tool in tool bar)
   which can be read by e.g. Inkscape (see inkscape.org) of dataforms

* View data
* Encryption of project data (headers are still human readable)
* Key unique including testing of status
* Prepare Double Entry and Validate Double Entry functionality
* Reports may now also be output as Text rather than HTML.

Kind regards

Torsten Christiansen
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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