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Dear All
I need your advice on epidata manager-is it ready for actual research data, and is there any tutorial that can be used as a teaching aid
many thanks

Dr Thambu David S
Professor and Head
Medicine Unit 2
Christian Medical College, Vellore
632004, India

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Subject: Re: [EpiData-list] Problem extracting from rec file
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It is true that Epiinfo 6 would read a .rec with some errors, the type of error you describe will probably prevent you from getting the data you want out of the .rec file.

This problem usually arises because a file has been edited and some record lengths changed or from the introduction of some random characters with a disk error. I have always been able to reconstruct .rec files using a plain text editor like the old Windows Notepad. Even better is a programmer's editor (there are many) that can identify the end of each line in case you have a line with more than 80 characters in the data section (e.g. some spaces beyond the !).


On 2012-09-17, at 10:53 AM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> Did you use Epidata for your data entry? If so, you can check and fix your rec file using EpiInfo 6 (EpiInfo for DOS system, you can download it at CDC website). You'll surely have to delete some corrupted records. Then you can re-open this fixed database with Epidata.
> ----- Mail original -----
> I am facing a problem with error "one or more records are corrupted"
> I have tried to look for any problem using notepad, deleting the last
> record but the rec file still won't open.


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