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Dear Dr Thambu 
To my knowledge, the Epidata Manager is still at its test version. So, it's better to use the existing Epidata Entry (or Epi Info) for your research data until Epidata Manager work properly. You can get documentation at http://www.epidata.dk. 
Best wishes 

Dr Andriamahenina R. 
CHUA - Hopital Universitaire JRA 
UPFR Immunologie 
101 Antananarivo 

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Dear All 
I need your advice on epidata manager-is it ready for actual research data, and is there any tutorial that can be used as a teaching aid 
many thanks 

Dr Thambu David S 
Professor and Head 
Medicine Unit 2 
Christian Medical College, Vellore 
632004, India 

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It is true that Epiinfo 6 would read a .rec with some errors, the type of error you describe will probably prevent you from getting the data you want out of the .rec file. 

This problem usually arises because a file has been edited and some record lengths changed or from the introduction of some random characters with a disk error. I have always been able to reconstruct .rec files using a plain text editor like the old Windows Notepad. Even better is a programmer's editor (there are many) that can identify the end of each line in case you have a line with more than 80 characters in the data section (e.g. some spaces beyond the !). 


On 2012-09-17, at 10:53 AM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote: 

> Did you use Epidata for your data entry? If so, you can check and fix your rec file using EpiInfo 6 (EpiInfo for DOS system, you can download it at CDC website). You'll surely have to delete some corrupted records. Then you can re-open this fixed database with Epidata. 
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> I am facing a problem with error "one or more records are corrupted" 
> I have tried to look for any problem using notepad, deleting the last 
> record but the rec file still won't open. 


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