[EpiData-list] Cannot export epx file to sas swith epic

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Tue Sep 25 06:31:49 CDT 2012

Please help.
I'm quite new
It doesnt work using epiC.exe

This is the logfile
The sample.epx is from epidata.dk

Command:        EpiC e sas sample.epx *
25-09-2012 12:57:41
Exporting sample.epx to sample.sas
Exports to:     SAS
Records:        All
Filter:         None
Deleted records in inputfile are not included in export
Error during command e (code 6):
Datafile has no records

I use Epi-C downloaded to day from epidata.dk/download
from 14-11-2006
The date puzzles me a littel because it is stated that epiC is updated 
to handle xml-files

med venlig hilsen

Ulrik Talleruphuus

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