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Fri Oct 12 06:59:37 CDT 2012

Dear List

Today we have released a new exprimental test-version of
EpiData Manager (v andEpiData EntryClient (v

The new version is available for download on our testing website:

In this test version we have added printing to the EntryClient with 
support for printing the data of the current record.

In EpiData Manager changes the Study Information forms are revised to 
give more distinct view of the different information available.

In addition a number of minor bugs have also been fixed for both Manager 
and EntryClient. Most notably a bug where using a non-ascii username on 
Windows could cause a crash.

NOTE: Due to a change in the encryption of .epx files, datafiles 
protected by passwords created with EpiData Manager v1.3.0.0 -> v1.3.0.5 
cannot be read with this release.

If you have used encryption for a project then:
a) Load the project with your previous version of Mangear
b) Remove the password encryption and save the project again under a new 
file name.
c) Load the saved un-encrypted file in Manager v1.3.0.6, add encryption 
and save the file again
d) Delete the un-encrypted file

This change does NOT affect loading old .rec files with password protection.

The full list of changes can be found at:

This will be the last experimental release and if no major issues are 
raised within a short period of time we will release the current 
experimental version as a "pre-public" release test version.

Kind regards

Torsten Christiansen
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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