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Sat Oct 20 10:12:08 CDT 2012

In the coming release the columns og the add structure and import data will be placed to the left. In the test release emotionel the data columns is. On the far right and possibly invisible on a small screen. Data can only be importen if the count of records is 0. 

It is crucial that users are testing, but also that you report to the list - just like hans Rieder did.  

It is apropriate at this point if users could give examples of aspects defined in chk files which cannot be defined with the new Epidata Manager and used for entry. Do not mention relate structures - these Are coming soon. 
Regards Jens Lauritsen

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca skrev:

>The published version has two icons for importing a) structure or b) 
>data.  Data import from REC files works
>The test version v1.3.0.6 has a single icon (second from the left in
>second row) or CTRL+I) to "Import data and structure from file". 
>to import a REC file from here imports only the structure but no data.
>Do I miss something?
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