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Good suggestion.

I am sure we can support something like this. It is much like printing 
a filled dataform onto paper. Copying to the clipboard should be 
attainable as shown on the form.

May I suggest, that you add this as a development "request/suggestion" 
for the GCP development which will come soon.

You can add to the development database found at:

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca skrev den 2012-10-25 16:00:
> Dear EpiData Friends,
> Since 2004 the institution I work at, adopted electronic medical 
> record.
> For me and colleagues which work with clinical research, we have for 
> long
> working doubling our efforts in registering the required information, 
> at
> the medical chart and at data entry.
> Currently most of us work like this:
> 1.Patient evaluation
> 2.typing research information at electronic medical records
> 3.retrieving information from the computer and writing into paper CRF
> 4.typing the CRF data from paper into computer data entry again.
> This routine complies with GCP as we consider the electronic medical 
> record
> the source document. For long we have talked about more automatic and
> less laborious, and less prompt to error routine.
> Here one must understand that the medical appointment occurs in a 
> room
> where a computer is available.
> We would like that this process to be something like:
> 1. Patient evaluation
> 2. The physician type in the information of that visit into a data 
> entry
> during patient evaluation
> 3. This data entry is able to transport this data as a text to be 
> pasted at
> the text entry of the electronic mdical record
> 4. The physician is able to edit the electronic medical record for
> aditional information.
> The main points here is: there is less work in filling forms and 
> records;
> and there will be less steps in data traveling where mistakes could 
> be
> inserted by researchers or typing team; and would keep the medical 
> record
> as source document.
> Currently Im not awere of any software able to do some exporting in 
> text
> from the data entry that could allow the process change.
> If EpiData was up to do something like this, after data entry of a
> particular record, there would a magic button somewhere able to copy 
> to
> clipboard the text (like in notepad) with all variables labels and 
> value
> labels or variable values. After that the user would use Ctrl+V to 
> paste it
> at the medical record.
> Does anyone have similar problem? Which solutions have you 
> implemented?
> Kind regards,
> Dr. Pedro Emmanuel A. A. do Brasil
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> email: emmanuel.brasil at gmail.com
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