[EpiData-list] New test version of EntryClient and manager (Re: EpiData and electronic medical record)

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Wed Oct 31 09:43:59 CDT 2012

Dear all

Today updated test versions of manager and EntryClient have been placed 
on the website.

More news tomorrow on all changes. Basically the current exe files are 
what we would like to see as the next public release, so it is important 
that you challenge these and report to the list.

The request by Pedro Emmanuel has been met in the test version for 
Press Ctrl+shift+C and you would see something like (using the sample file):

Integer Field (8 digits) (I1)    42
Float Field (4.4 digits) (F1)    42.0000
.....extracted .....

or you could see this in a different record:
I1,8448,F1,84.4800,I2,250,VL1,99,A missing.......extracted .......

Depending on how you define the format for the copy to clipboard. The 
format is defined in the setting of the EntryClient and explained here:

Please test this functionality and other adaptations. The plan is to 
work on the installation principles and to release a new test version, 
when the installation routines are settled in a simplified manner.


Jens Lauritsen and Torsten Christiansen
EpiData Association

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