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Thank you very much for your effort. If this really works out, it will
change the my work rationale from water to wine.

I would like to make a other suggestions/comments:

1. Make the default "copy to clipboard" setting = "%q: %d %v \n", at least
for me it is more reasonable.
2. Tested with \t but tab makes the questions less line up after pasting at
3. Nevertheless, common spaces works fine and other characters such as ":"
also seem to work fine.
4. When there is fields such as sex, where there is a value such 1 or 2,
and a value label, such as Male and Female, the setting above will paste
something like "Patient sex: 2 female" which is a little weird, mainly for
those who later will read the medical record and are not awere these came
from dataentry codes. Is it possible to make a setting code to omit the
field value if a value label is available?

A major problem...

I tested the copy to clipboard function and it seems it may work fine only
with the current record, not yet saved. When I go back to saved records and
try to run "copy to clipboard" from these records an error comes:

"Access violation.
Press ok to ignore data corruption.
Press cancel to kill the program."

When I press OK, the data does not go to the clipboard. When I press
cancel, entreyclient is closed. Therefore I cant copy/paste a saved record.

Is there a solution/workaround for this?

Kind regards,

Dr. Pedro Emmanuel A. A. do Brasil
Curriculum Lattes:  http://lattes.cnpq.br/6597654894290806
Instituto de Pesquisa Clínica Evandro Chagas
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Av. Brasil 4365,
CEP 21040-360,
Tel 55 21 3865-9648
email: pedro.brasil at ipec.fiocruz.br
email: emmanuel.brasil at gmail.com

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> Dear all
> Today updated test versions of manager and EntryClient have been placed
> on the website.
> http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php
> More news tomorrow on all changes. Basically the current exe files are
> what we would like to see as the next public release, so it is important
> that you challenge these and report to the list.
> The request by Pedro Emmanuel has been met in the test version for
> EntryClient.
> Press Ctrl+shift+C and you would see something like (using the sample
> file):
> Integer Field (8 digits) (I1)    42
> Float Field (4.4 digits) (F1)    42.0000
> .....extracted .....
> or you could see this in a different record:
> I1,8448,F1,84.4800,I2,250,VL1,99,A missing.......extracted .......
> Depending on how you define the format for the copy to clipboard. The
> format is defined in the setting of the EntryClient and explained here:
> http://epidata.info/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=documentation:clipboardformat
> Please test this functionality and other adaptations. The plan is to
> work on the installation principles and to release a new test version,
> when the installation routines are settled in a simplified manner.
> regards
> Jens Lauritsen and Torsten Christiansen
> EpiData Association
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