[EpiData-list] "copy to clipboard" function in entry client

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Thu Nov 1 07:59:35 CDT 2012

Hi Pedro.

Thank you for the feedback, this is what I am thinking:
> 1. Make the default "copy to clipboard" setting = "%q: %d %v \n", at least
> for me it is more reasonable.
It is possible to define the format in program settings, which has a few 
formats, but you may create you own. Whatever setting you choose will be 
in the configuration file.

> 2. Tested with \t but tab makes the questions less line up after pasting at
> notepad.
The \t just inserts a tab character into the line, so if you eg. have a 
very long text
and a very short text these two will not nessesarily align. Just as with 
any other
word program.
> 4. When there is fields such as sex, where there is a value such 1 or 2,
> and a value label, such as Male and Female, the setting above will paste
> something like "Patient sex: 2 female" which is a little weird, mainly for
> those who later will read the medical record and are not awere these came
> from dataentry codes. Is it possible to make a setting code to omit the
> field value if a value label is available?
Perhaps a additional specifier like "%l" which uses a label if the field 
uses a value
label, and displays the data if no valuelabel is used. That should be 

> A major problem...
> I tested the copy to clipboard function and it seems it may work fine only
> with the current record, not yet saved. When I go back to saved records and
> try to run "copy to clipboard" from these records an error comes:
> "Access violation.
> Press ok to ignore data corruption.
> Press cancel to kill the program."
This is odd, I have tested several times with existing data, eg. the 
sample file.

Would it be possible for you to email me the affected project file? Or 
else can you create
a new project where this happens ?

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen
EpiData Association.

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