[EpiData-list] problems with import/export to stata

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Thu Nov 8 04:11:20 CST 2012

Hope to get some help with a few problems. I'm a new epidata user and have downloaded manager v1.1.2 and entry v - seemed to be the newest reliable version. Please correct me if wrong.
I need to import some basic data from stata, add new variables in epidata, enter data and export it back to stata. 
So far importing data works fine, it's ok adding new variables and clicking "tools" - "export to stata" and "ok" works too. But back in stata the storage format has been change in some of my original data (eg string  %10s - changed to %207s), and as well in some of  the newly defined. Also missing data is in some cases "." in other ".z". I'm using stata 11 or 12 and have tried correcting the settings in "edit" - "settings" - "export" and "field definitions". It's not too deficult making it to a correct format while in stata - it's just a bit annoying.
But whats worse - I tired importing it back to epidata again - making a few changes and then exporting to stata once more and then some of the storage types had completely changed - eg integer to float. Any suggestions?

I downloaded epidata 3.1 as well but it does not seem to be compatible with importing stata newer than version 8. 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



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