[EpiData-list] new pre-public-release versions of Manager, Entryclient and Analysis

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Thu Nov 29 16:03:57 CST 2012

Dear All

On the testing page: http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php
You will now find a revised version for download of EpiData Manager and 

These have further bug-fixes in relation to copy and paste fields.
the manager is now version and EntryClient

Additionally we are adapting EpiData Analysis to a common form of having 
documents in the same folders as Manager and EntryClient and also that 
the installer programme will conform to more recent security principles 
in Windows 7 etc. As a first test of this a new installer is now found at:

One single file can be started in English, French, Spanish or Chinese. 
If you use Windows XP non-asian version the Chinese part will look 
strange. Notice it is ONLY the installer which comes in different 
languages NOT the software as such.  We are aware that some of the text 
which should be in e.g. Spanish is not translated yet, but please test 
the installer in terms of rights and places where files are kept.

We have initiated the translation principles for the interface of 
Manager and EntryClient. More news on that later. For news on the 
changes in Manager and EntryClient please see previous announcements.


Torsten Christiansen
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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