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Which version of the software?  
What type of Fields container ni data in analysis?  
Regards jens Lauritsen

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca skrev:

>Dear colleagues,
>I have designed a long questionnaire (more than 600 lines) for national
>survey data.
>Clearly, I could have done related rec files, unfortunately the data
>Clerc wanted all questionnaire on one page.
>After reading few records using the analysis or view data there appears
>be a problem.
>Although some fields have been entered in the data entry form, the data
>does not show in the analysis (using Epidata Analysis, Stata, Excel).
>Is there any other way  to analyis this data beside editing manuelly ?
>Kind regards
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>> Dear All
>> On the testing page: http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php
>> You will now find a revised version for download of EpiData Manager
>> EntryClient
>> These have further bug-fixes in relation to copy and paste fields.
>> the manager is now version and EntryClient
>> Additionally we are adapting EpiData Analysis to a common form of
>> documents in the same folders as Manager and EntryClient and also
>> the installer programme will conform to more recent security
>> in Windows 7 etc. As a first test of this a new installer is now
>found at:
>> Analysis
>> http://www.epidata.dk/downloads/setupepidatastat_2.2.2.179.exe
>> One single file can be started in English, French, Spanish or
>> If you use Windows XP non-asian version the Chinese part will look
>> strange. Notice it is ONLY the installer which comes in different
>> languages NOT the software as such.  We are aware that some of the
>> which should be in e.g. Spanish is not translated yet, but please
>> the installer in terms of rights and places where files are kept.
>> We have initiated the translation principles for the interface of
>> Manager and EntryClient. More news on that later. For news on the
>> changes in Manager and EntryClient please see previous announcements.
>> Regards
>> Torsten Christiansen
>> Jens Lauritsen
>> EpiData Association
>> Denmark
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