[EpiData-list] inconsistens between mutlible formulars

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Sat Dec 15 07:26:59 CST 2012

You must be sure to combine the data and real errors from stata. Stata has very good information following merge. 
Steps Are :
1 export each file to dta type 
2 decide which if the 7 is the Main 
3. Use Main 
4 add the one at the time 
     Merge 1:1 id using file2 
Etc file3.... File7 
If you have more than one record per id in s subtile use 1:n or n:1. Read the stata manuals on that. 

Never combine files by sequence always by merge on one or more id variables. 

Jens Lauritsen

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca skrev:

>My problem is hard to describe - of course. ;)
>I have 7 formulars with EpiData. There is a ID-field in each of it.
>After exporting them to Stata-files it is important that the order of
>the data rows fits to the other Stata-files. For example ID "X77"
>should appear in each 7 data sets in the same row.
>But it doesn't. Sometimes there are errors in it. Now I want to figure
>out, how this can happen?
>Does it happen if I reedit an entry or something like that.
>Do you have an idea?
>Christian Buhtz
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