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Thai Thanh Truc made a list of relevant issues yesterday. Here area a few

First it is very welcomed to have this highly structured feedback to the
development. - we will look at these in the coming week.

Your question on related files have a simple answer: This function is
planned, but not implemented yet. 

The lack of flexibility of Manager in relation to "edit" and add your own
code is a decision. There could be reasons to implement a very flexible
structure, but currently this would take momentum off the other
developments. The suggestion to allow for summary measures or calculation of
BMI is already on my mind and I think we will reconsider this as an option
to possibly implement in some form. 

Other users please answer on the following questions:

1 Which aspects of the chk file functionality are still lacking with the new
fixed possibilities ?
    Please be very specific like Thai Thanh Truc was.

2 Do we need analysis functions like codebook in EntryClient (or can one
always use EpiData Analysis) ?

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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