[EpiData-list] new testversion - prerelease - of EpiData Manager and EntryClient

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Sat Dec 22 20:33:03 CST 2012

Dear all,

When I use this newest version of the manager( r525) using sample.epx, I encountered export issues in win7 and xp.
I exported the sample.epx to SPSS file format, but SPSS gave me the warning: >Warning # 1151 
>A field to be read under the EDATE format is invalid.  The field must contain 
>day, month, and year separated by spaces, dashes, slashes, decimal points, or 
>commas.  Note that American style dates (month/day/year) can be read under the 
>ADATE format. 
>Command line: 21  Current case: 1  Current splitfile group: 1 
>Field contents: '201012/09/' 
>Record number: 1  Starting column: 36  Record length: 8192

I checked the syntax in the sample.sps. The segment VL3 27-35(A) is not correct. It should be VL3 27-29(A) because the length of the field VL3 is 3 according to its field definition.

Similar field length issue occurred in exporting files to CSV format.

EpiData Manager
Program Version: r525
Core version: r641
FPC Version: 2.6.0
Platform: i386-Win32
Filename: Q:\tmp\epidatamanager.\samples\sample.epx
XML Version: 2
Field count: 34
Record count: 12

Best Regards,
Richard Zhou

At 2012-12-23 04:38:07,epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
>Dear all
>A new version for testing was uploaded yesterday. The intention was that 
>all issues have been adressed such that in the beginning of 2013 we can 
>change the uploaded version to a general production version.
>Please find the updated versions at http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php
>Changes are as follows:
>* Updated designer form (moved icons)
>* Updated shortcuts on keyboard etc. to correct wiki.
>* Simplified import and add structure to a single method.
>* Pasting fields and sections is adapted to shift 20,20 pixels from 
>original position.
>* Export forms adapted for (hopefully) more intuitive action.
>* If you open EntryClient from within Manager the  user is asked if 
>project should close and open in entryclient.
>* A new field attribute on automatic time fields to allow for three assets:
>       set at new record, set on first save and save on update/edit
>* Recent files list is shared between Manager and EntryClient
>* Installation is now operating system specific and NOT dependent on java.
>Please test in the following 1-2 weeks and in the first week of 2013 we 
>will fix any reported issue before releasing this version as the next 
>public release.
>Regards and best seasonal wishes to all
>Jens Lauritsen
>Torsten Christiansen
>EpiData Association, Denmark
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