[EpiData-list] Should I use epidata entry or epidata manager

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Mon Jan 7 09:36:23 CST 2013

Dearl all:

I have been using epidata entry for some time, but I never wrote to the
mailing list before.

I am about to start a new project and was wondering whether I should keep
using epidata entry or switch to epidata manager, after read the announce
on the download website: "The EpiData Database Manager (short:EpiData
Manager) will replace current EpiData Entry for database and data
documentation management, such as development of new data files, modifying
structures, documentation etc."

Specifically, I would be pleased if you can advice me about:

1) how stable is EpiData Manager in comparisson with Entry (particularly
the linux version).
2) Are the new features in Manager worthy enough to switch.
3) Shall I have to learn it all over again (is it too different)
4) My project is essentially the final version of a previous pilot study,
the questionnaires I used were modified, but a substantial part of them
weren't modified. I was planning to adapt my old .qes and .chk files for
this project. Is this possible if I switch to manager?

Thank you very much for your attention and kind regards

Nicolás Montalva.

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