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Sat Jan 26 08:35:19 CST 2013

I have two questions and I want to understand the design "EpiData Manager".

- I have three variables: "Date of birth mother" (date) "Date of delivery"
(date) "Age (the mother in childbirth)" (numeric).
In the "Edit/Calculate" of "Age" variable, I do not find the variable "Age".
But I find the calculation of "Age" in the "Edit/Calculate" of "Date of
birth mother" and "Date of delivery". It is anti-educational and very
intriguing for me.

- In the "Edit/Calculate", I cannot find time difference, but fractions of a
day. Is this expected ?  Otherwise why not put a program each variable like
in "Check" in the old "Epidata Entry"?

In the current state, for during my very frequent EpiData lessons, I do not
recommend new programs and I keep the old EpiData Entry.... Sorry
Best regards.

Bernard BRANGER, Nantes, France

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