[EpiData-list] Which version to download for data entry with Mac

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Sun Jan 27 07:18:50 CST 2013

If they can run windows software on the Mac choose epidata "Classic" that is 3.1. If not export your rec file to stata format then import in a New project with epidata manager and ask them to install and enter data with the Epidata entryclient for Mac. 

Regards Jens Lauritsen

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca skrev:

>Dear EpiData list -
>I'm working with a couple of people who need to run EpiData for data
>entry only (not analysis) and who have a Macbook.  Could you tell me
>which version of EpiData they should download to be able to open REC
>and CHK files to do data entry?  Unfortunately, not having a Mac, I've
>not been much help to them.
>Thank you!
>Lauren Maxwell
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