[EpiData-list] Questions about comparison of fields with Epidata Manager v. 1.1.2

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Mon Feb 4 09:36:49 CST 2013

1) is not available, but I've asked for it as well. This should be simple to implement.
2) is possible, but only if you edit the project file after you create it, for now. At the moment, auto fields are not accessible in this part of Extended properties. When you create the project in Manager, add the comparison (still will need =), but to any other field. Save the project and open it in a plain text editor. Find the line with the comparison. It will look like this

       <Compare toFieldRef="V1" type="fcLT"/>

Change the value for toFieldRef to the field name of your Auto Increment. This works as long as you do not edit the field again in Manager.
3) will work if you make Var3 a key field. You do this with the menu item Project/Key Fields...
When you enter Var3, Entry Client checks all existing records.


On 2013-02-04, Trine wrote:

> 1) I would like to type the ID-number for the person (from 001 to 600) both in the beginning (Var1 – Integer field with length 3) and in the end (Var20 – Integer field with length 3) of my data collection file to be sure, that I am looking at the same person through the collection. Under Extended – Comparison I cannot find “Value must be = than”. How can I do this?
> 2) I would like to compare a record number for all persons asked for inclusion (Var1 – Auto Increment field) with the ID-number for included persons (Var6 – Integer field with length 3), but I cannot find Var1 under Extended – Comparison. How can I do this?
> 3) I would like to check, that the registration number (ddmmyyxxxx) of a person not is used in any other record. Can I compare the registration number (Var3 – Integer field with length 10) with the same field for all other records?

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