[EpiData-list] Updated version for testing EntryClient and Manager

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Wed Mar 6 16:26:14 CST 2013

Dear all

A major revision update for Manager and EntryClient has been placed for 
testing on page: http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

A major re-arrangement of menus has taken place to get as close to mimic 
EpiData Entry 3.1 has been made.

The version contains many new additions in particular in comparison with 
current public release. The hope/expectation is that following 
bug-removal we can rather soon release this for general public use.

The following specific major changes since have been implemented:

Download test page on: http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php:
Re-formatted to hopefully better guide users to get the right version.
All types have a zipped version as well as an install version.

Manager Interface:
* Reworked process toolbar and main menu
* Reworked settings/preferences layout.
* Reworked study information form.
* Unification of visual appereance, e.g. opening files
* Attemps to unify wording across different parts of the software.
         (Please report areas where this is not the case. )
* A given file can be opened for entry in EntryClient via click on a button

Extended controls and visual specifications during entry and opening of 
* Added feature to jump: "." work as 'jump on any value'
* Compare fields can use = and <>
* String fields can be compared - e.g. use to double enter long identity 
numbers. and is
* Header lines can take one of five different fonts,
           e.g. to separate Headers from comments.
* Perform check to avoid entering data in a backup file (check for date 

Manager Documentation:
* Visual changes to contents of text reports
* New report: Count by ID
* Adapted validate duplicate report
* User preference for text or html report format can be saved.
* Printing of forms enhanced.

* Importing .rec files with case sensitive field names

A number of bugs fixed:
* Changing password (or resetting) marks project as modified.
* Minor bug fixes related to value labels editor
* Major bugfix which at time lead to A/V without any apparent reason.
* Using large integer values on 32-bit pc's would lead to crash during 
* Fixed bug in combine string calculation

* Copy current record to clipboard in user specified format
        (with data, labels, questions etc.)
    e.g. to use for questions or comments during entry.
* Changed default format to "copy to clipboard"
* Print dataform as empty or with current record data.
* Finishing a record only gives "new record" if this was the last record 
in the file.
* Minor bugfixes related to jump

We know of a few bugs, but have not been able to replicate these 

A bug  where sometimes the selection of a field or section makes the 
mouse move around in a way, where the area of the selection is avoided.

A bug where sometimes parts of the screen is blanked out following entry 
to fields placed in sections. Unless the user has added the value from a 
value selection (F9/+)

If someone can reproduce the errors in a way which can indicate a 
sequence leading to the error this would be very welcomed.

Torsten Christiansen and Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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