[EpiData-list] Problems with Epidata entry and Maneger

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After a long period I could finally make a complete test form in epidata

The way I want to work is open data entry, type in some data while in
consultation with the patient, after entry copy to clipboard, paste into
medical chart, edit medical chart and print the filled form.

Like this, it is pretty obvious that somethings in data entry may not be
appropriate to be in the madical chart and some things that should be in
the medical chart will not be necessarily in the form, for istance the
patient initials, and additional medical information respectively.

Few things came by.

Several times while open data entry and data manager the form Headings,
which identify the form, disapeared and appeared again. Currently only part
of the headings are being shown during entry and at printed version.

I have a three page form, and I would like to have the key fields: for
instance patient number and patient initials at the top of each page.
However the key field can not be replicated. I had to make diferent field
and to clone the questions, but in fact they have to be different
variables, is it possible to make the key fields to appear at the top of
each page?.

During entry, sometimes the pick box does not appear even if the show pick
box is ticked at the variable settings, very rarely though.

Sometimes the section headings do not appear in the printed version of the
form with data .

Even after saving the work and closing the file, later when closing the
data manager, a warning comes by about leaving and not saving the last

Occasionally, when opening a file data manager comes with a warning about a
backup file more recent the the original file itself, even if the original
file is older then the bak file.

When I copy to clipboard the content of a complete record and later paste
at a .txt file the last six fields come in the top and then the correct
order of the fields start.

I suppose if I send you the file you will be able to test once more and try
to reproduce these stuff, what is the most appropriate way to send the file?


Dr. Pedro Emmanuel A. A. do Brasil
Curriculum Lattes:  http://lattes.cnpq.br/6597654894290806
Instituto de Pesquisa Clínica Evandro Chagas
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Av. Brasil 4365,
CEP 21040-360,
Tel 55 21 3865-9648
email: pedro.brasil at ipec.fiocruz.br
email: emmanuel.brasil at gmail.com

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