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Hope that those changes could, in a meantime, be included in GNU/Linux.


El 06/04/13 05:59, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca escribió:
> Dear All
> EpiData Manager: Release date for ** was: 05.Apr 2013
> Release date for ** was: 05.Apr 2013
> From http://epidata.dk/testing.php
> Before release of we still need to fix some minor issues, such 
> as content of reports and possibly addition of a "bug reporting tool", 
> but apart from that only bugs identified will be fixed before release 
> as production version. The current production version on main download 
> page needs replacement as soon as possible.
> Since last test release in mid March the following has been fixed:
> EntryClient:
> * Question og Headings sometimes disappeared during entry.
> Manager:
> * Fixed bug in "Count By ID" (bug was: list index out of bounds)
> * Added checks to drag/drop (design mover) such that controls cannot 
> be dragged outside of valid area. Including pasting and alignment with 
> fixed distance.
>   - on non-linux this should display a No-drop mouse cursor. (Linux is 
> not working yet.)
> * Other identified bugs and minor issues fixed, e.g. importing .epx 
> files would crash if many headings existed on main section
> Please continue to test and report
> Torsten Christiansen
> Jens Lauritsen
> EpiData Association
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